Bread and Nutrition

18 exhibits illustrate the social, cultural, and technological history of agriculture, nutrition, and bread. "Bread" becomes the focal point of our gaze: bread and hunger have been closely linked throughout human history. But the question of how to provide enough food for everyone is also a global challenge of the present and the future. When we take a look at bread and food, our culture and society become more understandable.

Brot: Kulturelle Perspektiven

Bread as Every Day, Art, and Cult Object: Isn't Bread Amazing?

Pieter Brueghel d. J. Der Sommer

Pieter Brueghel d. J. Der Sommer

What it Takes to Make Bread

The Shared History of Humanity and Grain

The Air is Alive: Yeast

Granaries: The First Buildings

Ergot: The Devil in the Bread

You Are What You Do: Representations of Farmers, Millers, and Bakers

Hand and Machine

Landscape and Agriculture

Bread and Chairs: A Question of Form

Nahrung: Globale Perspektiven

Prologue: The Eruption of a Volcano

How it All Started

New Foods and Brands

Cycles and Growth

World Maps: The View from Above

Resources: Water, Land, Energy

Utopias for Life and Food

Epilogue: Hunger Today